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Organ DCx27 Needle

Organ DCx27 Needle

B27, SY 6120, MY 1023, 1886, RMx27

Sku # : 21JDCx27
Our Price :

Product Detail

While the needle is the least expensive component in any embroidery or sewing machine, it is the most important. High quality, ORGAN needles designed in cooperation with the machine builders assure maximum performance, quality, and economy.

ORGAN needles are manufactured from special high carbon, silicon rich steel. We use the latest state-of-the-art production techniques to insure high polished eyes for dependable, smoother stitches, consistent quality, and fewer thread breaks.

The Organ Needle Company works closely with all of Japan's sewing machine builders to design and manufacturer needles for optimal performance. A machine builder cannot afford to buy an inferior needle at any price!

The price quoted is for a pack of 100 needles.

Optional features:

PD Perfect Durability NEEDLES

Organ Needle Company has managed to combine the functionality of sewing machine needles with the latest technology of ceramic coatings. These new PD (Perfect Durability) needles have titanium nitride layered on their surfaces to extend their productive life by as much as five times that of conventional needles.

Lasts Five Times Longer Than Chrome-Plated Needles

Productivity of automated and unmanned sewing equipment is limited by the life of their needles while maintaining elasticity. This reduces needle breakage, bending and distorting. PD needles are more wear resistant than conventional chromium plated needles. PD needles provide perfect reliability and durability in prolonged stitching operations. 

Stronger at the Point of the Needle

Organ's process for making PD needles also strengthens the point of the needle. The point of a needle is exposed to high pressures causing needle wear and breakage. The strength of the needle has been reinforced while maintaining a perfect shape in order to provide greater wear resistance and durability.


The COOL-SEW (CS) finish was developed to alleviate needle problems resulting from the following situations:

(1) Heat Buildup in penetration of synthetic, chemically treated, or very dense materials

(2) Materials or residue sticking to the needle surface or in eye

(3) Excessive sewing thread breakage due to friction in the eye

As a needle penetrates synthetic, chemically treated or very dense materials a great deal of friction may develop. The needle may get so hot as to actually melt or fuse the sewn material along the seam. The needle's heat may melt the synthetic sewing thread. When the machine stops, the melted residue may stick to the needle surfaces as it cools.

The nature of some materials makes them rather "sticky." Materials such as rubber, foam, and synthetic fillers stick to surfaces with which they make contact. They may stick to needles which penetrate through them, even at relative slow sewing speeds. The result may cause undesirable stitch appearances as these materials push through or pull up trough needle holes.

Synthetic threads often have a higher friction coefficient than natural fiber threads such as cotton. Passing through the eye of the needle increases, the heat of the needles rises, often to temperatures which will melt the synthetic sewing thread causing it to break.

Chemical coatings or treatments of threads and materials may cause troublesome sewing problems. Bonded layers, waterproofing, dyes, starches, adhesive, sizing, or other alterations to any fibers may result in needle heat-buildup, sticking problems, excessive thread breakage, and clogged needle eyes.

The COOL-SEW finish needle's surfaces, even in the eye, are resistant to sticking. Its non-sticking finish has a very low friction coefficient which prevents excessive buildup and its resulting problems. Few, if any, material stick to the surfaces of COOL-SEW needles.

When COOL-SEW needles are used under conditions described above you can expect neater stitches, less sewing thread breakage, less puckered stitches, low downtime, less defects, and increased productivity.

COOL-SEW needles are ideal for sewing through vinyl, synthetics, chemically treated materials, glued materials, rubberized goods, nylon, foam, dense material, and with synthetic threads.

*Number in ( ) are the sizes available for this option. All sizes are in Nm/Singer sizes. If you need a size conversion, visit our needle size guide.


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Organ DCx27 Needle

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